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A Message From Your Presenter, Jeremy Bennett

When it comes to scaling your business, passion and drive are simply NOT enough.

In today's fast-paced world, you need to condition your MINDSET to achieve what you're setting out to achieve. 

Yes, business smarts is important but having the correct mindset means that you are able to see the opportunities that you've been missing!

The reality is that there are tons of business that surround you, but if you're not able to see them, they might as well not be there!

You'll discover how to program your mind to see these opportunities that could change everything for your business.

You'll uncover how to build a rapport with clients so that they become more willing to do business with you.

You'll realize what words to use and what words to avoid. 

You'll learn how to respond to emails and, more importantly, how NOT to. 

You'll even see real-life examples of how one simple sentence could make or break your business. 

See you at The Business Mindset Method!

At This Event You Will Discover



So That You Never Miss Opportunities That Your Competition Has Been Snatching Up

The reality is that we are surrounded by business opportunities, but the devastating news is that if your mind is not conditioned to be aware of these opportunities, you will not see them!

Take, for example, what happens when you buy a new car. When you buy a new car, you start to notice that car everywhere, right? 


It's because that car is relevant to you now. 

In Part 1 of The Business Mindset Method live event, you'll discover exactly how to condition your mind to become aware of the business opportunities that were slipping by before!

This one element could change everything! 



So That They Become Eager To Start Doing Business With You

Ineffective ways of communicating can spoil professional relationships, create a loss in productivity and more importantly a loss of business. 

So how do you communicate in the most effective, efficient way to influence customers to do business with you? 

Well, you have to develop healthy communication habits and in The Business Mindset live event you'll learn the top three ways to build a productive relationship with those who you want to do business with.



So That They Know You Are Looking Out For Their Best Interest And Not Just Interested In Making Sales

When you're selling a competitive service or product, it takes a certain flair to not only attract the right customers but also entice them to buy.

Unfortunately, so many business owners spend too much time concentrating on the product and service and neglect to capitalize on by far one of the most important parts of selling. 

In this event, you'll discover one of the most crucial missing ingredients in connecting with your clients that will inevitably build your brand, create more referrals and build an overall better experience for your customers. 


The Power Of Mingling With Like-Minded, Driven People Eager To Do Business With Other Industry Professionals Is Of Upmost Value!

Many people don't realize the power of simply attending one of Jeremy's events; THE NETWORKING OPPORTUNITY! 

Yes, the presentation is amazing! Yes, the presentation is eye-opening. Yes, the presentation is super impactful! However, don't forget that being in the midst of hundreds of Entrepreneurs, all under one roof is priceless! 

What Are People Saying About The Business Mindset Method Presentation?

Kevin Casey

Entrepreneur x 23 Years

Co-Owner Of Cal LeGrow Insurance & Financial Group

“Selling is a roller-coaster of ups and downs. 

Chasing prospects is a race to the bottom. 

In The Business Mindset Method, Jeremy gives you a formula to condition your mind and eyes to see opportunities from a different angle; Opportunities that have always been there, just in your blind spot. 

This is a game-changer. 

Jeremy will show you how to talk to your potential clients in a way that makes them (and you) feel comfortable, welcomed and not pressured. 

Jeremy gives clear-cut examples of words to use and words to avoid that could make or break your sales game.

And on top of that some lesser-known techniques to help you calm and clear your mind when you need it most. 

Running a business is hard, but it doesn’t have to be. 

A calm mind is a confident mind. 

When you can’t calm your mind you bring that stress home with you and no family deserves that. 

To say I highly recommend this presentation is an understatement. It could literally give you the tools you’re looking for to scale your business simply by adding a few additional tweaks.”  

George Grant

Entrepreneur x 25+ Years 

PhD Psychology

"There are business opportunities all around us no matter where you live. 

However, whether or not you see those opportunities completely depends upon whether or not you have your mindset conditioned in the proper way. 

Creating or scaling a business is completely dependent upon your mindset. In The Business Mindset Method you’ll discover how to strategically condition your mind to recognize the opportunities that you were missing out on. 

Then and only then will you be able to capitalize and scale your business.

Highly recommend this presentation!"

Anthony Martin

Entrepreneur x 30+ Years 

Martin Clinic Nutrition Centre

"I've seen businesses succeed because of the correct mindset and I've seen businesses fail because of mindset.

To say mindset is a precursor to success is an understatement! It is everything!

I have hundreds of clients across Canada and the USA and I contribute a large part of it due to the way in which I conditioned my mindset to attract business.

Jeremy has such a unique way of explaining the proven techniques that are required to create and scale any business.

If you haven't already taken in this presentation, I'd highly recommend doing so."

Trent Martin

Entrepreneur x 20+ Years 

Quay Concerts & Events

"It's so easy to become overwhelmed when you own your own business. The craziness of life can sometimes fog your brain and force you to rush through life not being able to capitalize off the opportunities that surround you.

The Business Mindset Method allowed me to create a clarity I did not know I could maintain.

Not only was this presentation extremely innovative and entertaining, it's so incredibly practical.

It will make you say to yourself, 'Why didn't I know this before!? This should be taught to every Entrepreneur before entering the business world!'

Absolute game-changer!"

"If Your Business Or Employees Want To Understand How Mindset, The Thoughts We Think And Even The Words We Speak Can Increase Their ROI, This Event Is An Absolute Must! It's The Perfect Event To Send Your Employees To!"
A. Martin, Business Owner

Some Of Jeremy's Very Satisfied Clients...

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  • Small business owner
  • Realtor
  • Insurance salesperson
  • Vehicle salesperson
  • Marketing firm 
  • Print shop owner
  • Business consultant 
  • Massage therapist
  • Designer
  • Furniture store
  • Grocery story
  • Fitness facility owner 
  • Natural health shop owner
  • Chiropractor/Physiotherapist 
  • Nutritionist/Dietitian 
  • Dentist 
  • Copywriter
  • Business owner of any kind

Or, If You Are Planning On Starting A Business, Own Any Type Of Business, Or Simply Want To Program Your Mind To Attract Your Goals...This Is A MUST-SEE.

"It's Difficult To Believe How A Presentation On BUSINESS MINDSET Can Actually Be So Entertaining!"
George Grant, Ph.D.

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